These publications are examples of research made possible with data from CanPath and its regional cohorts.


Lifestyle factors and lung cancer risk among never smokers in the Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow’s Health (CanPath)

Authors: Rachel Murphy, Maryam Darvishian, Jia Qi, Yixian Chen, Quincy Chu, Jennifer Vena, Trevor J B Dummer, Nhu Le, Ellen Sweeney, Vanessa DeClercq, Scott A Grandy, Melanie R Keats, Yunsong Cui, Philip Awadalla, Darren R Brenner, Parveen Bhatti

Data from 950 CanPath participants were analyzed to understand why 15-25% of lung cancers occur in never smokers. Researchers found a link between lung cancer risk, sleep, and fruit and vegetable intake amongst never smokers.

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Predictors of CRC Stage at Diagnosis among Male and Female Adults Participating in a Prospective Cohort Study: Findings from Alberta’s Tomorrow Project

Authors: Monica Ghebrial, Michelle L. Aktary, Qinggang Wang, John J. Spinelli, Lorraine Shack, Paula J. Robson, Karen A. Kopciuk

This study aimed to uncover factors associated with colorectal cancer (CRC) at diagnosis in 267 Alberta Tomorrow Project participants. Researchers found that social support, having children, and caffeine intake were strong CRC stage predictors at diagnosis for males. In contrast, CRC family history, pregnancy, hysterectomy, menopausal hormone therapy, Pap test lifetime number, and household physical activity were strong CRC predictors at diagnosis for females.

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Metabolomics and cancer preventive behaviors in the BC Generations Project

Authors: J. Qi, J. J. Spinelli, T. J. B. Dummer, P. Bhatti, M. C. Playdon, J. Olin Levitt, B. Hauner, S. C. Moore & R. A. Murphy

To better understand links between behaviours and cancer, researchers measured metabolites in blood samples from 1,319 BC Generations Project participants. The study found a large number of metabolites were different between health behaviours. Highlights include lower levels of metabolites that are involved in pathways that play a role in cancer development among participants who consumed more fruits and vegetables and had a healthy body weight.

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Diet Quality and Neighborhood Environment in the Atlantic Partnership for Tomorrow’s Health Project

Authors: Kaitlyn Gilham, Qianqian Gu, Trevor Dummer, John Spinelli, Rachel Murphy

This study looked at the differences that exist beween diet quality and someone’s geographical location. It was found that diet quality tended to be lower in areas that were were more socially deprived. Areas with socially deprived and high-density areas were associated with lower-quality data.

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Metabolic profiling of adherence to diet, physical activity and body size recommendations for cancer prevention

Authors: Qianqian Gu, John Spinelli, Trevor Dummer, Treena McDonald, Steven Moore, Rachel Murphy

This study examined cross-sectional associations between metabolites and cancer preventive behaviors as well as the relevance to cancer-related pathways among 120 participants with no history of smoking or cancer. Cancer preventive behaviors were associated with complex metabolic signatures, including alterations in pathways known to be involved in cancer pathogenesis.

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