Approved Projects & Studies

CanPath has supported more than 100 research projects and activities, many of which have resulted in publications in high impact journals.

For a detailed listing of active projects and studies within each regional cohort, please visit the cohort websites.

The Genetic Basis of Hair and Eye Color in Canadians of European Ancestry

Principal Investigator: Dr. Esteban Parra Affiliation: University of Toronto at Mississauga Start Year: 2018 Hair and eye color (pigmentation) variation are primarily determined by our […]

Start Year: 2018

Investigating the Roles of Radon Exposure, Air Pollution, and Diet on Lung Cancer Risk in the Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow’s Health (CanPath)

Principal Investigator: Dr. Victoria Kirsh Affiliation: Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto Start Year: 2018 Lung cancer is the most common cancer […]

Start Year: 2018

Provincial Variation in Cancer Screening Uptake Across Canada: A Descriptive Overview

Principal Investigator: Dr. Trevor Dummer Affiliation: University of British Columbia Start Year: 2017 Population screening has been found to decrease the mortality and morbidity of […]

Start Year: 2017

Understanding Different Approaches of Harmonization Using Individual Participant Data to Investigate the Determinants Associated with Age at Menopause

Principal Investigator: Dr. Isabel Fortier Affiliation: Research Institute – McGill University Health Center Start Year: 2016 This project aims to explore different approaches of data […]

Start Year: 2016

Association Between Eczema and Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Morbidity

Principal Investigator: Dr. Aaron Drucker Affiliation: Brown University Start Year: 2016 Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is a common skin condition that has been […]

Start Year: 2016


Principal Investigators: Dr. Philip Awadalla, Dr. Jeffrey R. Brook, Dr. Audrey Smargiassi, Dr. Perry Hystad, Dr. Markey Johnson, Dr. Julie Hussin Start Year: 2015 The […]

Start Year: 2015

Quantifying the Cancer Incidence Burden due to Lifestyle and Environment in Canada – The Canadian Population Attributable Risk of Cancer Project (ComPARe)

Principal Investigators: Dr. Darren Brenner, Dr. Christine Friedenreich Affiliation: Department of Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention Research,CancerControl Alberta, Alberta Health Services Start Year: 2014 Despite well-established […]

Start Year: 2014

Canadian Alliance for Healthy Hearts and Minds

Principal Investigators: Dr. Sonia Anand, Dr. Matthias Friedrich, Dr. Jack Tu Affiliation: Population Health Research Institute, Hamilton General Hospital Start Year: 2013 Cancer, heart disease, […]

Start Year: 2013