Approved Projects & Studies

CanPath has supported more than 100 research projects and activities, many of which have resulted in publications in high impact journals.

For a detailed listing of active projects and studies within each regional cohort, please visit the cohort websites.

Occupational physical activity and lung cancer risk

Principal Investigator: Dr. Vikki Ho Affiliation: Centre de recherche du centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal Start Year: 2017 Being physically active has been shown […]

Start Year: 2017

Provincial Variation in Cancer Screening Uptake Across Canada: A Descriptive Overview

Principal Investigator: Dr. Trevor Dummer Affiliation: University of British Columbia Start Year: 2017 Population screening has been found to decrease the mortality and morbidity of […]

Start Year: 2017

Understanding Different Approaches of Harmonization Using Individual Participant Data to Investigate the Determinants Associated with Age at Menopause

Principal Investigator: Dr. Isabel Fortier Affiliation: Research Institute – McGill University Health Center Start Year: 2016 This project aims to explore different approaches of data […]

Start Year: 2016

Association Between Eczema and Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Morbidity

Principal Investigator: Dr. Aaron Drucker Affiliation: Brown University Start Year: 2016 Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is a common skin condition that has been […]

Start Year: 2016

Comparative genome-wide association of aortic stenosis with and without coronary artery disease

Principal Investigator: Dr. George Thanassoulis Affiliation: McGill University Health Centre Research Institute Start Year: 2015 Aortic stenosis (AS), the most common form of valve disease […]

Start Year: 2015


Principal Investigators: Dr. Philip Awadalla, Dr. Jeffrey R. Brook, Dr. Audrey Smargiassi, Dr. Perry Hystad, Dr. Markey Johnson, Dr. Julie Hussin Start Year: 2015 The […]

Start Year: 2015

Quantifying the Cancer Incidence Burden due to Lifestyle and Environment in Canada – The Canadian Population Attributable Risk of Cancer Project (ComPARe)

Principal Investigators: Dr. Darren Brenner, Dr. Christine Friedenreich Affiliation: Department of Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention Research,CancerControl Alberta, Alberta Health Services Start Year: 2014 Despite well-established […]

Start Year: 2014

Canadian Alliance for Healthy Hearts and Minds

Principal Investigators: Dr. Sonia Anand, Dr. Matthias Friedrich, Dr. Jack Tu Affiliation: Population Health Research Institute, Hamilton General Hospital Start Year: 2013 Cancer, heart disease, […]

Start Year: 2013