These publications are examples of research made possible with data from CanPath and its regional cohorts.


Investigating the causal role of MRE11A p.E506* in breast and ovarian cancer

Authors: Islam Elkholi, Massimo Di Iorio, Somayyeh Fahiminiya, Suzanna Arcand, HyeRim Han, Clara Nogué, Supriya Behl, Nancy Hamel, Sylvie Giroux, Manon de Ladurantaye, Olga Aleynikova, Walter Gotlieb, Jean-François Côté, François Rousseau, Patricia Tonin, Diane Provencher, Anne-Marie MesMasson, Mohammad Akbari, Barbara Rivera, William Foulkes

This study investigated if MRE11A is a true predisposition gene for hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. Investigations suggested that the identified variant is not associated with an increased risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer, and suggests a lack of clinical utility of MRE11A testing in HBOC, at least in the White/Caucasian populations.

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