These publications are examples of research made possible with data from CanPath and its regional cohorts.


Replication study of MATR3 in familial and sporadic amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Authors: Claire Leblond, Ziv Gan-Or, Dan Spiegelman, Sandra Laurent, Anna Szuto, Alan Hodgkinson, Alexandre Dionne-Laporte, Pierre Provencher, Mamde de Carvalho, Sandro Orru, Denis Brunet, Jean-Pierre Bouchard, Philip Awadalla, Nicholas Dupre, Patrick Dion, Guy Rouleau

In this study, they looked at mutations of MATR3 (gene that is associated with ALS). They assessed the frequency in French Canadian populations and had a control group. They were able to determine which proteins are associated with ALS.

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