These publications are examples of research made possible with data from CanPath and its regional cohorts.


Genetic analyses of DNA repair pathway associated genes implicate new candidate cancer predisposing genes in ancestrally defined ovarian cancer cases

Authors: Wejdan M Alenezi, Caitlin T Fierheller, Corinne Serruya, Timothée Revil, Kathleen K Oros, Deepak N Subramanian, Jeffrey Bruce, Dan Spiegelman, Trevor Pugh, Ian G Campbell, Anne-Marie Mes-Masson, Diane Provencher, William D Foulkes, Zaki El Haffaf, Guy Rouleau, Luigi Bouchard, Celia M T Greenwood, Jiannis Ragoussis, Patricia N Tonin

Researchers investigated families with a history of ovarian cancer that couldn’t be explained by known genetic risk factors. Using healthy controls from CARTaGENE, they applied a targeted gene approach and found rare genetic variants in DNA repair pathway genes, particularly in ERCC5, EXO1, FANCC, NEIL1, and NTHL1, in a significant portion of these families.

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Molecular Genetic Characteristics of FANCI, a Proposed New Ovarian Cancer Predisposing Gene

Authors: Caitlin T Fierheller, Wejdan M Alenezi, Corinne Serruya, Timothée Revil, Setor Amuzu, Karine Bedard, Deepak N Subramanian, Eleanor Fewings, Jeffrey P Bruce, Stephenie Prokopec, Luigi Bouchard, Diane Provencher, William D Foulkes, Zaki El Haffaf, Anne-Marie Mes-Masson, Marc Tischkowitz, Ian G Campbell, Trevor J Pugh, Celia M T Greenwood, Jiannis Ragoussis, Patricia N Tonin

Researchers investigated the genetic characteristics of the FANCI gene, which has been linked to an increased risk of ovarian cancer. Using data from 171 CARTaGENE participants and other sources, they confirmed that a specific FANCI variant is associated with ovarian cancer and discovered potential genetic links to other cancer types.

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A functionally impaired missense variant identified in French Canadian families implicates FANCI as a candidate ovarian cancer-predisposing gene

Authors: Caitlin T. Fierheller, Laure Guitton-Sert, Wejdan M. Alenezi, Timothée Revil, Kathleen K. Oros, Yuandi Gao, Karine Bedard, Suzanna L. Arcand, Corinne Serruya, Supriya Behl, Liliane Meunier, Hubert Fleury, Eleanor Fewings, Deepak N. Subramanian, Javad Nadaf, Jeffrey P. Bruce, Rachel Bell, Diane Provencher, William D. Foulkes, Zaki El Haffaf, Anne-Marie Mes-Masson, Jacek Majewski, Trevor J. Pugh, Marc Tischkowitz, Paul A. James, Ian G. Campbell, Celia M. T. Greenwood, Jiannis Ragoussis, Jean-Yves Masson, Patricia N. Tonin

Researchers sought to describe how new genes might be associated with ovarian cancer risk amongst 5,249 CARTaGENE participants. They found that a FANCI gene mutation is more common in familial ovarian cancer patients.

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