These publications are examples of research made possible with data from CanPath and its regional cohorts.


Subclinical primary aldosteronism and cardiovascular health: a population-based cohort study

Authors: Gregory L Hundemer, Mohsen Agharazii, François Madore, Anand Vaidya, Jenifer M Brown, Alexander A Leung, Gregory A Kline, Eric Larose, Marie-Eve Piché, Andrew M Crean, Julie L V Shaw, Tim Ramsay, Bernhard Hametner, Siegfried Wassertheurer, Manish M Sood, Swapnil Hiremath, Marcel Ruzicka, Rémi Goupil

This study explores the impact of subclinical primary aldosteronism, a less recognized form of hypertension characterized by renin-independent aldosterone production, on cardiovascular health. With data from 1284 CARTaGENE participants, researchers found that a higher aldosterone-to-renin ratio, indicative of this condition, was associated with increased arterial stiffness, adverse cardiac remodeling, and higher odds of developing hypertension, independent of traditional blood pressure measures.

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