These publications are examples of research made possible with data from CanPath and its regional cohorts.


Polygenic risk scores predict diabetes complications and their response to intensive blood pressure and glucose control

Authors: Johanne Tremblay, Mounsif Haloui, Redha Attaoua, Ramzan Tahir, Camil Hishmih, François Harvey, François-Christophe Marois-Blanchet, Carole Long, Paul Simon, Lara Santucci, Candan Hizel, John Chalmers, Michel Marre, Stephen Harrap, Renata Cífková, Alena Krajčoviechová, David R. Matthews, Bryan Williams, Neil Poulter, Sophia Zoungas, Stephen Colagiuri, Giuseppe Mancia, Diederick E. Grobbee, Anthony Rodgers, Liusheng Liu, Mawussé Agbessi, Vanessa Bruat, Marie-Julie Favé, Michelle P. Harwood, Philip Awadalla, Mark Woodward, Julie G. Hussin & Pavel Hamet

This study assessed whether cardiovascular and renal risk factors combined with the age of onset and duration of diabetes are sufficient predictors of type 2 diabetes. Of the 21,702 participants, 488 participants with type 2 diabetes originated from CanPath. The researchers developed a prediction model to help identify high-risk individuals who could benefit from therapies and treatments.

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