These publications are examples of research made possible with data from CanPath and its regional cohorts.


Dietary assessment is a critical element of health research – Perspective from the Partnership for Advancing Nutritional and Dietary Assessment in Canada

Authors: Marie-Ève Labonté, Sharon I. Kirkpatrick, Rhonda C. Bell, Beatrice A. Boucher, Ilona Csizmadi, Anita Koushik, Mary R. L’Abbé, Isabelle Massarelli, Paula J. Robson, Isabelle Rondeau, Bryna Shatenstein, Amy F. Subar, and Benoît Lamarche

This was an opinion based paper which argued that while assessing dietary intakes is difficult, it`s not impossible. They believe that building capacity and funding opportunities should be readily available in order to build research. If they were to have these, there would be better understanding in Canada and elsewhere.

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From consent to institutions: Designing adaptive governance for genomic biobanks

Authors: Kieran C.O’Doherty, Michael M.Burgess, KellyEdwards, Richard P.Gallagherd, Alice K.Hawkins, Jane Kayee VeronicaMcCaffrey David E.Winickoff

This paper outlined four principles regarding biobank governance: 1) recognizing participants as one entity 2) integrity 3) adaptive management 4) fit between the nature of a particular biobank and the specific structural elements of governance adopted. BC Generations was a working model for further discussion the outlines of the proposed governance.

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The Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow Project: building a pan-Canadian research platform for disease prevention

Authors: Marilyn J. Borugian, Paula Robson, Isabel Fortier, Louise Parker, John McLaughlin, Bartha Maria Knoppers, Karine Bédard, Richard P. Gallagher, Sandra Sinclair, Vincent Ferretti, Heather Whelan, David Hoskin and John D. Potter

This article outlines the challenges a pan-Canadian cohort to look at cancer and chronic disease. The hope of this cohort will be that it could be a major research platform for the study of disease causation nationally, and internationally. They outlined how they got their participants, which provinces are involved, and how this specific cohort is unique.

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Quality, quantity and harmony: the DataSHaPER approach to integrating data across bioclinical studies

Authors: Isabel Fortier, Paul R Burton, Paula J Robson, Vincent Ferretti, Julian Little, Francois L’Heureux, Mylène Deschênes, Bartha M Knoppers, Dany Doiron, Joost C Keers, Pamela Linksted, Jennifer R Harris, Geneviève Lachance, Catherine Boileau, Nancy L Pedersen, Carol M Hamilton, Kristian Hveem, Marilyn J Borugian, Richard P Gallagher, John McLaughlin, Louise Parker, John D Potter, John Gallacher, Rudolf Kaaks, Bette Liu, Tim Sprosen, Anne Vilain, Susan A Atkinson, Andrea Rengifo, Robin Morton, Andres Metspalu, H Erich Wichmann, Mark Tremblay, Rex L Chisholm, Andrés Garcia-Montero, Hans Hillege, Jan-Eric Litton, Lyle J Palmer, Markus Perola, Bruce HR Wolffenbuttel, Leena Peltonen, Thomas J Hudson

The DataSHaPER is being used with CPTP to integrate their data in a way that it can easily be harmonized and pooled together.

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