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The influence of smoking and occupational risk factors on DNA methylation in the AHRR and F2RL3 genes

Auteurs : Laura Pelland-St-Pierre, Michael C Pham, Alice Quynh Huong Nguyen, Romain Pasquet, Sherryl A Taylor, Delphine Bosson-Rieutort, Anita Koushik, Vikki Ho

The researchers aimed to determine the association between smoking, occupational exposures, and AHRR and F2RL3 methylation, as AHRR and F2RL3 hypomethylation has been associated with lung cancer. A case-control study was implemented with CARTaGENE participants to outline the relationship between AHRR and F2RL3 methylation and lung cancer risk. It was found that in both the AHRR and F2RL3 genes, smoking was associated with lower levels of methylation. The data indicates that smoking and occupational exposures to some agents are associated with AHRR and F2RL3 hypomethylation.

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