Dr. Grace Shen-Tu

Acting Scientific Director, Alberta’s Tomorrow Project

Dr. Shen-Tu’s experience lies within public health research, knowledge translation, and evaluation.  She is committed to moving research discovery to where it can have the greatest impact. To this end, she’s helped develop and implement programs in university research institutes and public healthcare planning and delivery agencies. Among them: the University Health Network, Public Health Ontario, and City of Hamilton Public Health Services. Before joining ATP, she led many implementation science, knowledge translation and evaluation projects within Alberta Prevents Cancer in Alberta Health Services. She holds a PhD in Medical Sciences and a Master of Public Health. As the Research Lead in ATP, Dr. Shen-Tu encourages and supports collaboration with external scientists using the longitudinal data.  She also includes policy makers and programmers in shaping – and using – the evidence emerging from ATP’s vast research platform to benefit people in Alberta and beyond. In her current role as the Acting Scientific Director of ATP, Dr. Shen-Tu works collaboratively with ATP Strategic Director in setting ATP’s strategic and operational direction, oversee the scientific strategy for ATP as a longitudinal cohort study and a research platform that supports health research provincially, nationally, and internationally, and foster strategic relationships with funders, ATP governance committees, and scientific stakeholders.