About CanPath Access Portal

The CanPath Access Portal provides researchers with the necessary resources to identify epidemiological and biological data available from participating cohorts to answer innovative research questions.

Why use the CanPath Access Portal?

CanPath is Canada’s largest population health cohort and a gateway platform to data worldwide.

It is a unique Canadian platform allowing scientists to explore the complex factors that contribute to disease. It is a deeply characterized cohort of individuals who have provided broad consent and now include two per cent of all Canadians between 30 and 74 years of age.

CanPath scientists are part of leadership and steering committees of major international initiatives such as the International Hundred Thousand Cohort Consortium and the International Common Disease Alliance, for which CanPath is Canada’s only contributing cohort.

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Access Criteria & Requirements

All completed and submitted Access Application Forms and associated documentation are reviewed by the Access Committee according to the following criteria:

  • The Applicant is a bona fide researcher (i.e. evidence that the researcher has relevant experience and qualifications);
  • The research project is in conformity with both the Guiding Principles of CanPath and the informed consents signed by the Research Participants (see Section 1 b of the Policy);
  • The Access Office has provided proof of administrative completeness and availability of CanPath Research Data and/or Biosamples
  • The Access Office assessment has established that the application meets the following requirements:
    • The research study has been deemed scientifically sound;
    • The existence of adequate resources to effectively complete the research project has been established (e.g. funding, collaborators and staff);
    • Sufficient justification for the need for the CanPath Data and/or Biosamples requested has been provided;
    • The provision of the requested biosamples is justified based on the assessment of the value of returned data, the scientific contribution of the research project, the potential impact of providing the samples on future needs for the biosamples and the risk of sample depletion.

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CanPath has biological samples available for researchers, allowing wider and deeper investigations into the causes of cancer and chronic diseases.

Biological samples were donated near the time of participant enrollment or during a subsequent sample collection campaign.

Biological samples available for access include serum, plasma, DNA, red blood cells, cryo-preserved whole blood, and urine samples.

  • 156,402Blood
  • 99,500Urine
  • 178,065DNA source material

Need Support?

All CanPath Access questions can be directed to
Asha Mohamed, Access Officer.