Dr. Philippe Broët

Co-Scientific Director of CARTaGENE

Dr. Philippe Broët joined CanPath as co-scientific Director of CARTaGENE in 2018.

Philippe Broët is full Professor of Public Health and Biostatistics. He teaches Biostatistics and Statistical Genomics at the “Université de Montréal” (ESPUM) and at the “Université de Paris-Saclay”.

He was trained as a Medical Doctor and subsequently completed a residency in Public Health at the “Pierre et Marie Curie” University in Paris. He holds a PhD in Biostatistics from the Paris-Sud University. He did a fellowship at the Department of Biostatistics (University of Washington, Seattle). He was Team Leader at the Genome Institute of Singapore. He has been involved in EU consortia and Europe-Asian partnership.

He currently leads a Statistical Genomics team at the CHU Ste Justine.

His main research focuses on predictive medicine with clinical applications in the field of oncogenomics and immunogenomics using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence approaches.